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Welcome to the Antenna Development Center. We’re currently building out a completely new site with instructional videos, documentation, API references, code samples and more to help developers evaluate and implement Pega’s mobility products. In the meantime, here is some useful content to help you get started:

Pega AMP Developer Guide

This guide presents the end-to-end process of developing different types of mobile applications to be hosted on the Pega Application Mobility Platform. The apps use different technologies to establish communication with an external data source so they can obtain additional information as required.

Throughout the guide an example service is used. While the example service uses a public RESTful web service API, it is only used as an example of a corporate backend system requiring a secure connection. In the example the service will ultimately be installed on both Android and iOS devices.

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Native API Developer Guides

Pega AMP Native API Libraries provides a set of APIs that may be leveraged to build pure native applications on Android, WinRT or iOS with your own preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Android Native API Developer Guide

iOS Native API Developer Guide

WindowsRT Native API Developer Guide

AMP Hybrid Client

AMP Hybrid Client is a native application that serves as a container for HTML5 Web applications. It consists of a native application operated through an HTML-based user's interface. AMP Hybrid Client exposes a number of APIs that allow developers to integrate with the backend services to create rich Web applications with a native look-and-feel.

AMP Hybrid Client enables the secure deployment of enterprise-grade applications on devices running advanced mobile browsers, such as Android, BlackBerry 10, iOS and Windows Phone 8. It may operate in a profile service-based multi web application mode or serve as a container for a pre-packaged application. The client's behavior and appearance are fully configurable.

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