Mobile Gourmet: Like Leftover Soup, Mobile Web More Tasty With Time

By Jason Wong

Ahhh fall. Colorful leaves, brisk winds, damp days – soup season is upon us! I do love a bowl of hearty soup with some nice bread and some cheese and maybe a bit of fancy olive oil for dipping. I recently bought a cookbook called “The Best Soups in the World,” so I’m very excited to be cooking plenty of soup over the next few months.

To the letter - the mobile Web is like a bowl of soup. We can

But given all the variety of soups out there, there seems to be one universal trait – they always taste better after a day or two in the fridge. Yes, a piping hot bowl is quite tasty and many of us have scorched the roofs of our mouths due to our impatience to savor its sweetness. Yet, like a wine being left open to breath, leftover soup makes a flavor metamorphosis as all the ingredients slowly meld into perfect harmony. Its flavor grows in intensity and little nuances that were not there fresh from the pot slowly reveal themselves.

To me, the mobile Web is like a soup. When it first came into broad commercial deployment, the mobile Web looked so inviting and comforting. Like a rain-soaked child presented with their favorite soup, we were so eager to dive in. Sure there were flaws and shortcomings in the technology, and as a result many business ideas got burned. But overall, it made quite an impression with folks that tasted and liked this new way of getting info on the go.

That “mobile-Web soup” has been in the fridge for a number of years, and now the reheated version has some new added ingredients, like HTML5, CCS3, 4G networks, etc. Now the taste is almost beyond recognition. What was once black and grey text screens are now colorful, rich and interactive interfaces. It’s like transforming condensed tomato soup into a rich tomato gazpacho.

For businesses, now is the time to really use mobile Web. Consumers are lapping it up and licking their bowls clean. They just can’t get enough of good mobile Web sites and content. The technology is mature, the devices are getting smarter and the networks are getting faster and faster. Soup’s on!


Jason Wong is a founding member of Mobile Masters, blogging about the gourmet side of mobile.  Follow him on Twitter @mobilegourmet

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