Pragmatic Mobility: iPad. Changing the Way People Think, Halloween Included

Just a quick note – I saw this article/video today. Check out the creativity of using iPads to make an incredible Halloween costume. It reinforces, once again, that there are endless creative ideas which people have every day regarding new ways to use iPads and other technology. Some are silly and fun. Some are insightful. And some are huge productivity gainers for an enterprise.

This one may be silly. But it’s users like this who are always pushing the envelope and coming up with new ideas to use the technology which is provided. This does not have huge relevancy for business, but the key is that your employees are having new ideas every day – learn to harness it.

Also crucial is the need for IT and business to get together and collaborate. Break down the walls of organizational structure and share ideas which will support your organizational mission. Be creative. Get a competitive edge.

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